16 Cavities Oil bottle Hot runner Perform Mold

  • Name: 16Cavities Oil bottle Perform Mould
  • Country of Origin: Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
  • Brand: HUADIAN
  • Cavity: 16(2*8)
  • Material of bottle: PET
  • Material of Mold: P20
  • Material of Mold core, cavity, screw opening: S136
  • Software: CAD, PRO-E, UG
  • Runner: Hot Runner
  • Mold Components: all from World-famous manufactures, Insulation Caps from American DOPONT, Band Heater from Germany HOSTET, Copper Nozzl from Italy...
  • Product Detail

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    0il Bottle Size 1L-2.5L
    1.8L- 2.5L
    Neck 32MM, 37MM, 46M, 46MM
    62MM, 72MK
    0il Bottle Eight 20G, 25G, 28G, 30G, 35G, 40G, 40G, 43G
    50G, 55C, 600, 63G, 65C. 680, 700, 756, 77G, 82G
    85G, 90G, 93G, 95G, 100G, 120G, 140G, 145G, 150G
    175C, 230C, 245G, 250G

    The advantage on Hot Runner Technique

    1. Reduce the wastage and cost of raw materials.
    2. Reduce the work for recycle,classification,smash,dry,and store of waste, improve the work efficiency, save time and space.
    3.Avoid to use the returned materials which will influence the quality of product.
    4.Guarantee the product in the same quality level
    5.Increase the injection volum,Improve the compressibiity of plastic melt
    6.Intesify the injection function, improve the technique
    7.Reduce the time of injection and pressure maintaining
    8.Reduce Clamping force
    9.Shorten Mold opening stroke of injection operation, Elimiate the time of taking out the Nozzle material
    10.Shorten the injection cycle, improve the automation and work efficiency

    Key Performance of Hot Runner System

    1.Control the temperature of plastic melt precisely, Elimiate the degration of materials.
    2.Naturally balanced runner desgin, Mold Cavity evenly filled.
    3.Suitable size of Hot Nozzle can be sure the plastic melt mobile successfully and mold cavity are filled evenly.
    4.Correct gate structure and size can guarantee the mold cavity evenly filled,Needle valve gate closed in time, to shorten cycle time.
    5. No dead angle in runner, insure to change the color quickly, avoid materials degration.
    6. Mininize Pressure lose
    7. Pressure maintaining time is reasonable.

    mold data

    Name Pet Oil Bottl Perform Mold
    Cavity And Core S136(8, 12, 24, 48, 96HRC)
    Mold Shelf P20
    Cavity Qty As Customi Zed
    product Standard Lkm, Dme, Hasco
    Rotary Wheel Type Hot Board
    Cycle Time Short
    Software UG, PROE, CAD
    Perform Material Pet
    Perform SiZe As Customi Zed
    Working Life 3-4Million
    Delivery Time 45-50DaysAYS

    HUADIAN's 16-cavity hot runner Perform mold is a high-quality, high-efficiency mold suitable for the production of bottled edible oil. Due to the hot runner operation mechanism, the mold can reduce PET waste during filling and injection, improve production efficiency, and can effectively control temperature, thereby improving the quality of produced products.

    HUADIAN's 16-cavity oil bottle mold is made of high-quality P20 mold material, and the mold core, cavity, and screw opening are made of imported S136 material, which ensures the high strength and durability of the mold. The mold has 16 cavities, each with a size of 2*8, suitable for the production needs of bottled edible oil. It can also be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.

    The mold adopts a hot runner operation mechanism. The hot runner uses different materials and temperatures, and controls the independent temperature of each injection point to ensure the uniformity of the PET material during filling, injection and cooling. These characteristics can not only improve the manufacturing strength of the product, but also prolong the service life of the mold. At the same time, the mold helps reduce production costs and increase production efficiency due to reduced PET waste.

    This mold is very suitable for the production of bottled edible oil. Compared with other PET products, this mold can also be widely used in beverage bottles, condiment bottles and other fields. Using this mold, manufacturers can produce PET products more quickly and efficiently, while improving product quality and production efficiency. In addition, the mold is equipped with a temperature control box and an operator, which is convenient for controlling the production process and convenient for use.

    In conclusion, HUADIAN's 16-cavity hot runner mold is a high-quality PET bottle mold with great potential in developing the market for bottled edible oil and other PET products. Its high quality, high efficiency, customized production features, and wide applicability make this mold a good choice for manufacturers to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and optimize product manufacturing.

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