Multi Cavities Cosmetic Perform Mold

  • Name: Multi Cavities Cosmetic Perform Mould
  • Country of Origin: Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
  • Brand: HUADIAN
  • Cavity: 32(4*8)
  • Material of bottle: PET
  • Material of Mold: P20
  • Material of Mold core, cavity, screw opening: S136
  • Software: CAD, PRO-E
  • Runner: Hot Runner
  • Mold Components: all from World-famous manufactures, Insulation Caps from American DOPONT, Band Heater from Germany HOSTET, Copper Nozzl from Italy...
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    Cavity Perform Mold Size Mold Weight Cycle Time
    Weight(g) Neck(mm) Height(mm) Width(mm)) Thickness(mm) (kg) (sec)
    2(1*2) 720 55 470 300 608 330 125
    4(2*2) 720 55 490 480 730 440 130
    8(2*4) 16 28 450 350 410 475 18
    12(2*6) 16 28 600 350 415 625 18
    16(2*8) 21 28 730 380 445 690 22
    24(3*8) 28 28 770 460 457 1070 28
    32(4*8) 36 28 810 590 515 1590 28
    48(4*12) 36 28 1070 590 535 2286 30

    The advantage on Hot Runner Technique

    1. Reduce the wastage and cost of raw materials.
    2. Reduce the work for recycle,classification,smash,dry,and store of waste, improve the work efficiency, save time and space.
    3.Avoid to use the returned materials which will influence the quality of product.
    4.Guarantee the product in the same quality level
    5.Increase the injection volum,Improve the compressibiity of plastic melt
    6.Intesify the injection function, improve the technique
    7.Reduce the time of injection and pressure maintaining
    8.Reduce Clamping force
    9.Shorten Mold opening stroke of injection operation, Elimiate the time of taking out the Nozzle material
    10.Shorten the injection cycle, improve the automation and work efficiency

    Key Performance of Hot Runner System

    1.Control the temperature of plastic melt precisely, Elimiate the degration of materials.
    2.Naturally balanced runner desgin, Mold Cavity evenly filled.
    3.Suitable size of Hot Nozzle can be sure the plastic melt mobile successfully and mold cavity are filled evenly.
    4.Correct gate structure and size can guarantee the mold cavity evenly filled,Needle valve gate closed in time, to shorten cycle time.
    5. No dead angle in runner, insure to change the color quickly, avoid materials degration.
    6. Mininize Pressure lose
    7. Pressure maintaining time is reasonable.

    HuaDian Mold - mold data

    NO. Name Desciption Hardness
    1 Mold base material P20 28-32
    2 Core,cavity S136 48-52
    3 Screw neck S136 48-52
    4 Cooling mode Mold core, neck cooling
    5 Cooling mode for core plate and cavity plate 1 in, 1 out
    6 Out of center(MM) "+/-0.08MM
    7 Cycle injection time 8-23 Seconds
    8 Delivery time 55 Days after desgins confirmed

    HUADIAN's Multi Cavities Cosmetic Perform Mold is a high-performance PET bottle mold with 32 cavities, made of P20 material, and the mold core, cavity and screw opening are made of S136 material. It is very suitable for the production of high-quality, high-volume cosmetic bottles, and can be designed by CAD and PRO-E software, running with a hot runner system.

    Multi Cavities Cosmetic Perform Mold from HUADIAN is designed to be ideal for producing high quality PET bottles. This mold has 32 cavities and a size of 4*8, which can produce large quantities of cosmetic bottles to meet the needs of manufacturers. The mold is made of P20 material, which makes it have high hardness and wear resistance. At the same time, it also uses the Mold core, cavity and screw opening made of S136 material to ensure the quality and precision of the product.

    Multi Cavities Cosmetic Perform Mold is designed using CAD and PRO-E software to meet the high standards of professional manufacturers. In addition, the mold is equipped with a hot runner system to ensure the homogeneity and high efficiency of the multi-cavity. Its excellent design makes the production process faster and more efficient.

    For cosmetics manufacturers, the advantages of Multi Cavities Cosmetic Perform Mold are not only reflected in its high quality and high efficiency, but also in the large operating cost advantages it can provide them. Since the mold can produce multiple bottles at the same time, manufacturers can produce more products in a shorter period of time, thereby improving production efficiency, reducing production costs and improving economic benefits.

    In addition, Multi Cavities Cosmetic Perform Mold is also a very safe and convenient mold, which will not cause any problems during installation and use. Finally, the mold is suitable for various cosmetic production environments and can be easily adapted to various production requirements.

    In conclusion, HUADIAN's Multi Cavities Cosmetic Perform Mold is a high-performance PET bottle mold, which features high quality, high efficiency, low cost, safety and convenience. This is an attractive option for professional manufacturers.

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